Trempealeau Valley Cooperative 2.0
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TVC 2.0

TVC's vision is to develop career-ready and college-ready students by providing high caliber learning experiences, preparation and pathways in partnership with the greater community to create and maintain regional stability and a greater quality of life for the citizens of central Trempealeau County, Eastern Buffalo County and Western Jackson County.

Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Agriculture, food, and natural resources workers produce agricultural goods. This includes food, plants, animals, fabrics, wood, and crops. You might work on a farm, ranch, dairy, orchard, greenhouse, or plant nursery. You could also work in a clinic or laboratory as a scientist or engineer.

Health Science

Health science workers promote health and wellness. They diagnose and treat injuries and disease. As a physician, dentist, or nurse, you could work directly with patients. You could also work in a laboratory to get information used in research or provide administrative support by keeping medical records.

Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality and tourism workers help people enjoy vacations and entertainment activities. You might work at a restaurant, resort, sports arena, theme park, museum, or hotel.


Manufacturing workers work with products and equipment. You might design a new product, decide how the product will be made, or make the product. You might work on cars, computers, appliances, airplanes, or electronic devices.

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Transportation, distribution, and logistics workers move people and products by road, air, rail, and water. You might work as a driver, pilot, engineer, or captain.

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