AG Intro to Soil Science

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AG Intro to Soil Science

A career in agronomy will keep you in the center of efforts to increase the global supply of high-quality food, feed, fiber, fuel, and pharmaceuticals while protecting and preserving the environment. You will use your natural curiosity and enthusiasm for science to help solve some of the toughest problems facing humanity: safe and abundant food production.

Our goal is to prepare you for a entry level career in agronomy or prepare you for a degree program in the field. Your coursework will include plant and soil science, insect and plant disease identification, plant nutrients and fertilizer applications, pesticide application and pesticide modes of action and precision agriculture, drones operation and GIS data maps. Class opportunities will include working with local agronomist and agronomy centers as well as managing our Arcadia High School land lab Soybean and Corn Rotation.

**Earn College Credit** This class is transcripted through Western Technical College which means you will earn high school and college credit upon successful completion of this course. Please note that the college credit earned through WTC is transferable to other technical colleges in the Wisconsin Technical College System.

Transcripted Western Technical College Class: Intro to Soil Science - 3.0 credits.

Credit: 1.0

Length: (1) Trimester Block

Grade Level: 11, 12

Suggested Prerequisite: Intro to Natural Resources

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