AG Aquaponics: Aquaculture and Hydroponics

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AG Aquaponics: Aquaculture and Hydroponics

What do fish and plants have in common? A lot, actually. In a time when the global population is increasing at an alarming rate, agriculturalists must seek alternative ways to sustain this population. Aquaponics is the process of strategically growing plants and fish together and is a practice that is becoming increasingly popular in the agricultural community. But, is this practice sustainable? Join us in the course as we uncover the facts and myths of aquaponics through the lens of sustainability. The course will provide learners with hands-on, practical experiences raising fish and plants through a team project. After learning about the basic fundamentals of aquaponics, students will engineer an aquaponics system of their choice, grow fish and plants together and report their findings at the end of the term. This active learning class is sure to teach you the basics of sustainable food production and will provide you with the confidence, tools and resources to start your own aquaponics production facilities.
-Students will work in a collaborative environment to learn about the fisheries and horticulture disciplines.
-Students will apply discussions and class activities to multiple careers, current events and trends within agriculture, food and natural resources.
-Students will understand the role aquaponics can play in a sustainable food production system.

Credit: .05

Length: (1) Trimester

Grade Level: 11, 12

Prerequisite: None

Cum Laude Points: 0

Career Cluster(s):  Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources

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