AG Forest and Wildlife Management

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AG Forest and Wildlife Management

Management of Forests and Wildlife is a non-traditional agriculture class that looks at how we manage our environment. Wildlife topics include species identification, population management, carrying capacity, trophy management, measuring and recording, and career opportunities in game management. Additional topics in water include the study of the hydrologic cycle, Wisconsin aquifers, possible contaminants through various land uses, and problem resolution and management, career opportunities and water quality, Forestry topics include career opportunities, tree identification, measurement of land and forest products, land description, nursery management, propagation, site selection, harvesting procedures, equipment and safety practices, marketing, multiple-use concept, forest laws and policies, and the FFA Forestry Contest. Hands on activities include: tree identification, pruning, felling, bucking, wildlife tracking labs, Boone & Crocket scoring, taxidermy on small mammals and mounting of deer racks, fish raising, water testing, fish identification, pond evaluation, fish harvesting, and trapping. Field trips include wildlife management sites and local outdoor recreation sites. Students will record skills through AET Record keeping system and have opportunities through FFA.

Credit: 0.5

Length: (1) Trimester

Grade Level: 11, 12

Suggested Prerequisite: Intro to Natural Resources

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