ART Independent Studio

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ART Independent Studio

Course Description: This class is designed for students that have completed 3 levels of art and are interested in continuing to pursue art beyond previous curriculum offering, serious art students the freedom to explore the potentials and limitations of any art medium they are interested in working with to express themselves visually through the use of their chosen materials.

The student must be self motivated and able to work independently in their chosen areas(s) of work. Typically students may reflect on past experiences and expand their understanding of their chosen mediums through researching various styles of art or art mediums by visiting museum sites or doing other inspirational research on the internet, either in a narrow field of study, or to complete a vast array of experiences to better prepare them for future endeavors.

Students are expected to do works that are original and creative, NOT copies of what they see somewhere else.

EACH STUDENT will write a contract with the teacher outlining their plan for the semester.

Fee: $20 per semester minimum. Varying material fees may be charged depending on area of focus.


Credit: 0.5 / 1.0

Length: 1 or 2 Trimesters

Grade Level: 12

Prerequisites: Application AND Advanced Art Studio or Advanced Ceramics or 3-D Art

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