BUSINESS Personal Finance

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BUSINESS Personal Finance

This course is compiled with 3 Western Technical College classes listed below. Personal Money Management and Loans: This course will focus on helping students understand how to manage their money through budgeting, and realizing the importance of saving for the future. Students will explore various types of savings and checking accounts. They will examine consumer credit and various housing options. (1 Credit) Personal Insurance, Taxes, & Estate Planning: The learner will explore the various types and importance of automobile, life, and health and disability insurance. The course reviews the income tax system and its relevance in financial planning. Estate planning techniques are also explored. (1 Credit) Personal Investing: Students will review the basics of personal investing. Bonds, stocks, and mutual funds will be evaluated as part of a personal investment plan. Various tools of retirement planning will be explored, including 401(K)’s, 403(B)’s, and IRA’s. (1 Credit)

**Graduation Requirement** This class can be taken to fulfill the .5 graduation credit for financial literacy.

**Earn College Credit** This class is transcripted through Western Technical College which means you will earn high school and college credit upon successful completion of this course. Please note that the college credit earned through WTC is transferable to other technical colleges in the Wisconsin Technical College System.

Western Classes:

Personal Insurance, Tax, Estate Planning, 10114122, 1.0 credit

Personal Investing, 10114123, 1.0 credit

Personal Money Managements and Loans, 10114121, 1.0 credit

Credit: 0.5

Length: (1) Trimester

Grade Level:  11, 12

Prerequisite: None

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