FCS Independent Study - Hospitality

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FCS Independent Study - Hospitality

Have you explored all your options in FCS? Perhaps an independent study in your career area is what you need!

Culinary Arts/Food Service/Hospitality, Tourism, and Lodging:

Independent Study for Culinary Arts/Culinary Management available for students who have completed Family Foods, Food Science & Nutrition, and Culinary Arts. Students will work independently to explore more areas of food production and plan, prepare and host meals for guests. Students will be expected to complete a career investigation project in a food related field. The students will perform self-assessments, research and explore a career, set career goals, create a plan for achieving goals, as part of the career investigation project. Students are able but not required to receive credit for employment in a career area through a food service/hospitality or culinary occupation.


Do you have a career area that you want to spend extended time shadowing? If there are willing employers in our area, we can set up mentorships where you rotate between 4-5 employers for the semester and see your career area of interest in a variety of settings and get a feel for the atmosphere and various ways the career can be experienced.

Credit: 0.5

Length: (1) Trimester

Grade Level:12

Prerequisite: Instructor Approval

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