FCS Textile and Fiber Arts

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FCS Textile and Fiber Arts

This course will focus on fabrics and fibers used in the construction of clothing and furnishings. . Students will gain an understanding of selecting the right textiles and fibers to determine the best materials for design and function. Sewing construction, repair of clothing and/or furnishings will be a part of the course. Learning sewing construction techniques and applying principles learned will be perfected through the construction of garments or projects to meet student needs. This course is part of the Visual Arts career pathway. This course will help students explore careers in the clothing, textiles, and apparel industry. Several guest speakers, field trips and projects will help students explore the field and build skills needed in this career pathway. Students can take projects to competitions at the state and national level in Fashion Design, Repurpose and Redesign, Focus on Children and Entrepreneurship competitive events as an FCCLA member.

Credit: 0.5
Length: (1) Trimester
Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Prerequisite: None

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