MATH Calculus Adv. Placement (AP)

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MATH Calculus Adv. Placement (AP)

Two-Way - Whitehall - This is an honors/weighted course

This course is intended for students who have a thorough knowledge of college preparatory mathematics including algebra, formal geometry (rectangular and polar coordinates, equations and graphs, lines, conics). Advanced placement calculus is a course in introductory calculus with elementary functions.

This elective course will be structured so students will have an opportunity to take an advanced placement test near the end of the school year. The Advanced Placement Test gives students an opportunity to earn college credit.

Credit: 1.0

Length: (2) Trimesters

Grade Level: 12

Prerequisite: None

Cum Laude Points: 0

Career Cluster(s):

  • 12
  • MATH