MATH Pre Calculus Arcadia

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MATH Pre Calculus Arcadia

Course Description: Pre-calculus builds the foundation for calculus and other college mathematics courses. The big ideas of the course are transformation of functions, properties of functions, inverses, exponentials, logarithms, trigonometric functions and their graphs, polar and parametric graphing systems, applications of vector and trigonometric functions, limits, average rates of change as a foundation of derivatives, area under a curve as the foundation for integration and algebraic fluency and simplification techniques. It is recommended, that all students purchase a TI-84 Graphing calculator.

Credit: 1.0

Length: (2) Trimesters

Grade Level: 10, 11, 12

Prerequisites: Geometry and Algebra II (Must obtain a B or better in Algebra II or instructor's approval)

Math course flowchart.
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