SCIENCE Science or Science Fiction

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SCIENCE Science or Science Fiction

This course will be primarily discussion based concerning debatable topics and whether information that is being spread is truely science or not, creditable or not and profitted or not. Throughout the course, students will address topics, both student driven and teacher driven, to get to the bottom of ideas to seem to be conflicting, conversial or simply not true. Truth is something most are continually seasrching for and often science is a way to test, evaluate and conclude on what is right and what is simply a matter of perspective. Students searching for a higher level of science thought should stongly consider enrolling in "Science or Science Fiction"

Credit: 0.5

Length: (1) Trimester

Grade Level: 11, 12

Prerequisite: Biology with a B- or higher

Cum Laude Points: 0

Career Cluster(s):

  • 11
  • 12