SOCIAL STUDIES World History Options

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SOCIAL STUDIES World History Options

Independence students will have 3 choices for their World History credits in the coming school year. Each of these courses will run one single trimester and students will have to take 2 of the 3 options in order to gain their full World History credits for graduation. The following are simple descriptions for these course choices.

Option 1: Historical Inquiry and Research

Do you have an interest in history? Would you like the freedom to choose historical periods to research? If yes, then this class is for you! This course will focus on improving historical research skills. Students will be choosing specific topics from a large variety of historical world events to research and learn about. Unit one will focus on writing a traditional research paper about a topic of your choosing while unit two will create a presentation that explains the history of a subject you are interested in. Your options are very open as you could write a paper on the ancient Greek city of Athens and then create a presentation on the French Revolution. There will be specific research activities and mini-projects to complete along the way, but this is a course where you will get to learn about what interests you!

Option 2: World History Through Literature

Literature can be one of the best ways to understand major historical events throughout the world. Since many of these events happened before we were born and in far away places, books allow us a chance to experience the event through the eyes of people that were there. This class will focus on analyzing several historical novels as a way to better examine historical time periods. We will start by examining the Russian Revolutions and the characteristics of Totalitarianism through the book Animal Farm, a metaphorical novel which depicts a small farm as the Soviet Union. Next, we will look at one of the darkest moments in modern history, The Holocaust. This unit will be centered around the story of Holocaust survivor, Ellie Wiesel, and his experiences within the Auschwitz concentration camp in the book Night.

Option 3: Cultural History

This class will be a strong blend of history, geography, and sociology as we examine different cultures throughout the world to see the ways in which humans have adapted to a variety of lifestyles and environments. This course will be looking at the cultures of Latin America, Africa, and Asia to help us understand the strengths, struggles, and interactions that have shaped these cultures into what they are today. If you have an interest in travel, other cultures, or social issues then this class will be for you!

Credit: 0.5

Length: (1) Trimester

Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12

Prerequisite: None

Cum Laude Points: 0

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