TECH ED 3D Printing

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TECH ED 3D Printing

Most technical and vocational related occupations require an understanding of basic drafting. Techniques taught in this class will help students better understand how to interpret, convey, and transfer ideas and information on drawn plans. Students will use CAD software, some traditional board and T-square equipment, and current Autodesk Inventor(creates 3-D model images which can be rotated) to complete drafting exercises that have a professional look when they are finished. Ending the semester, students will have the opportunity to complete drawings and designs of their choice which will give them a chance to show off their drafting skills. Students will be using TeachMe3D curriculum which will allow an independent self paced format. Students can use classroom
time to participate in discussion questions and work on projects. Students will be graded on
participation, behavior, and completion of weekly class projects. Students will have an opportunity to receive an Autodesk Industry Certification.

*A capstone project may include creating designs that can be printed using our 3D printer. These printers can bring designs and drawings to life and potentially solve “real-world” problems.

Credit: 0.5

Length: (1) Trimester

Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12

Prerequisite:   Intro to AutoCAD

Cum Laude Points: 0

Career Cluster(s):

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  • 10
  • 11
  • 12