TECH ED Welding II

  • Blair-Taylor
TECH ED Welding II
In the first quarter of Welding capstone 2, students will gain a deeper understanding of the GTAW (TIG) welding process, and learn what it takes to become a career welder. You will learn how to apply for a welding position, practice interviewing, create a cover letter/resume, select good references, and research welding careers. In the second quarter of Welding capstone 2, you will have the opportunity of participating in a youth apprenticeship, where you will have the option of working in the welding industry during or outside of the school day. Entry level welding positions may be available at Nelson Global products in Arcadia, Nick’s Welding in Hixton, Badger Stainless in Pigeon Falls, Global Finishing Solutions in Osseo, and Ashley Furniture in Arcadia.
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