WORLD LANGUAGE Spanish I | Español I

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WORLD LANGUAGE Spanish I | Español I

In this course, students will learn to "survive" in the Hispanic culture. They will learn how to express themselves in day to day situations, to understand basic speech from a native speaker who is used to speaking with language learners, and to read and write at an elementary level. This course is especially appealing to students who are interested in learning about Hispanic countries, their way of thinking, communicating, and their culture. Spanish will be beneficial to those interested in traveling abroad and valuable in many different careers such as business, health occupations, and social work. Students planning on continuing their education are strongly encouraged to enroll. Upon successful completion of this course, students would be eligible to continue to Spanish IIA.

Credit: 1.0

Length: (2) Trimesters

Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12

Prerequisites: None

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